The Solution to Performance Anxiety

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I have struggled with performance anxiety since I was six years old. My first on-stage musical performance was singing Sing the Word songs with my dad and sister at a small local church. While I sang, I looked at the ground literally the entire time. In high school and college, my symptoms included (but were not limited to) extreme nervous breakdowns, depression, sleeplessness, and lots of tears before and after performances.

Art Devoid of God

As a serious Christian and a dedicated musician, I spend a lot of time thinking and writing about what it means to have God in my art form. How does He provide the inspiration and the content of every piece of music I play? How can I honor Him with every note? How can I involve Him in the process of practicing and creating? How can I seek Him and His Kingdom through playing music?

Nobel medicine winner says: I owe it all to my bassoon teacher

Have you ever wondered "is it worth the sacrifice of having my child study an instrument, even if it will not be his/her chosen profession"?   A Nobel Prize winner thinks so. Thomas Sudhof, who shares this year’s Nobel Prize for medicine and physiology, told The Lancet in August 2010 that he owes his powers of analysis and concentration to studying a musical instrument.